Our goal is to meet the investment objectives of our individual clients.  If you were to become a SeaBridge client, we would work with you to understand your objectives and your individual tolerance for risk in achieving those objectives.  At SeaBridge, we manage several investment styles, each with different risk and return characteristics, and we help determine whether one or more of these styles may fit in your overall portfolio.

For all of our investment styles, our investment team focuses on understanding what’s going on globally that may impact economic prospects and investment market returns. Then, within that framework, for each of our investment styles, we analyze securities traded in markets around the world to find those that we think may be good candidates for that style.  We then build and manage portfolios for individuals and institutions using these publicly-traded securities, consistent with individual objectives.

Clients may hire us to manage their taxable accounts, IRA accounts, trusts and/or foundations in one or more of our investment strategies.  As a SeaBridge client, you would have direct access to your account(s) at a custodian (generally Schwab Institutional) and would receive reports on activity and holdings directly from the custodian, in addition to quarterly mailings from SeaBridge.  Unlike a big brand private bank or asset management corporation, our clients have direct access to the entire team at SeaBridge, and we are always happy to answer your questions.

The SEC requires registered investment advisers to provide a client relationship summary (also called Form CRS) to retail investors. This document provides the types of services SeaBridge offers, the fees and costs you will have to pay for those services, conflicts of interest SeaBridge may have, the required standard of conduct associated with the services SeaBridge offers, whether SeaBridge and its financial professionals have reportable legal or disciplinary history, and key questions you should ask SeaBridge.

Link to Form CRS.

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