• Designed to target a better than money market funds return, while seeking to minimize the risk of principal loss, over a 2 year horizon, although there are no guarantees that this will be achieved
  • Money market funds are “home base” for strategy and will generally be maintained for liquidity & safety; however if money market yields remain low, then other alternatives for cash investment may be used
  • A diversified portfolio of other bonds and stocks will be added based on the following characteristics:
    • Liquidity of the security
    • Expectation that interest payments will be made as scheduled
    • Expectation that earnings will be delivered in the approximate range forecasted
    • Expectation that dividends will be sustained or increased
  • While we look at each security in these dimensions, our principal focus is on the whole portfolio. This focus allows us to tolerate some uncertainty with regard to individual securities in order to improve the portfolio yield
  • Tax characteristics of the portfolio owner are considered and tax exempt securities may be chosen in taxable accounts
  • Generally 80-90% invested, but may hold more cash or market inverse ETFs at certain times


     Portfolio Manager: Howard Chin

     Annual Fee of 0.50%

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