• The Asia Strategy is usually delivered via a portfolio of 35 to 75 companies, which should benefit from one or more of these characteristics:
    • Supply goods in support of the export trade
    • Capture the full return potential of manufacturing that increasingly involves automation and higher value-added goods
    • Address the needs of a rising consumer class in Asia
    • Benefit from China spending on infrastructure
  • Companies considered for investment usually:
    • Have strong secular growth characteristics
    • Produce significant cash flow
    • Earn high returns on capital
    • Consider minority shareholders in managing the firm’s capital
    • Trade at reasonable multiples of earnings and cash flow
    • Have strong and reputable management
    • Operate in areas where local governments have typically created a benign, rather than antagonistic, environment for business
    • Compete as a leader within their industry and are positioned well for market share gains


     Portfolio Manager: David Descalzi

     Annual Fee of 1.5%

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