SeaBridge Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor, is based in Summit, NJ, with a research office in Atlanta, GA. SeaBridge analyzes a global universe of securities and creates investment portfolios in different styles to meet different investor needs. We are long-only value investors. We are not a hedge fund. We do not use exotic securities in client portfolios.

For individuals, SeaBridge builds customized portfolios of listed global equities to meet their specific risk profile, income needs and investment horizon. Please feel free to look over our strategies section. SeaBridge then actively manages these portfolios, reflecting its analysis of the global economic and market environments, the attractiveness of the securities, and the client’s changing needs. Through this customization, SeaBridge offers a service which is differentiated from:

  • Mutual funds, where a client’s needs must fit the fund; and
  • Those investment advisors who focus primarily on asset allocation and funds and do not attempt to capture the upside in individual stock selection.

Institutional clients generally select one of our pure investment style portfolios, which can be found in the strategies section of our website.

At SeaBridge, clients have their own individual portfolios and receive individual care and attention to their needs. Seasoned SeaBridge portfolio managers are available for consultation at any time.

SeaBridge was founded in 1996 by Garnett L. Keith, who served as the Chief Investment Officer of The Prudential Insurance Company of America from 1984 to 1996. With its U.S.-based professionals and, through its sub-advisory arrangements and other relationships with investment organizations in Hong Kong and Paris, SeaBridge has the resources to offer a global investment capability.

For a more thorough exposition of the SeaBridge approach to global equities, we invite you to explore our web site.